The Basic Seminar (CD set)

Basic Seminar
$55.00 each

Cross - Small

A 13 hour in-depth study into 12 of the Ways of God learned by John and Donna, while walking out of a $6,500,000 debt during a 12year period.

These Ways Include:
• Seeking God
• Faith
• Chastisement
• Authority
• Allowing God to Supply Our Need
• Adopting God's Heart and Desire
• Obeying God's Word
• Wisdom
• Forgiveness
• Unequally Yoked
• Priorities
• Giving

Following are excerpts from letters recieved from people who have either attended an Insight to Freedom seminar or listened to the tapes available on this teaching:

"The principles of and insight into God's word that we have learned throught your ministry have truly changed our livers forevermore." IN

"I have learned more about a proper, Godly life in the 13 hours of your seminar than I did in the first 13 years of my Christian walk." PA

"I stood on these principle by faith and our once stagant business nearly doubles each year. I'm not using these tapes to get rich, I'm using them to judge myself." OH