Seminar Leader's Handbook

Discover what is involved in becoming a Seminar Leader for Insight To Freedom's Basic seminar.


Seminar: The Seminar is the 13 hour "Basic Insight to Freedom Seminar."

Seminar Leader: A Seminar Leader is a person who has: (1) attended an entire Seminar either in person or by audio or video tape; (2) experienced his life having been changed by the Seminar; (3) a spirit and lifestyle that bear witness to the Word of God; (4) a desire to present the Seminar to his friends and associates in small groups on a voluntary basis; and, (5) has been approved by ITF as a Seminar Leader.

Participants: Each Seminar Leader is to reach out into his circle of friends and acquaintances and gather into small groups those persons who: (1) have a hunger to learn the Word of God; (2) desire a distinct change in their life; and/or, (3) are in adversity, do not know what to do and are seeking the answer to their dilemma. These friends and acquaintances who accept such an invitation will be the Seminar Participants.

Small Group Meeting: A Small Group Meeting is a Seminar session with that number of Participants that allows each Participant the time and opportunity to view the videos, engage in discussions, share experiences and build relationships with the other Participants.

Seminar Leader's Materials Packet: The Materials contained in the Seminar Leader's Materials Packet are described in Appendix "A" and their use is explained in Appendices "B" & "C" of this Handbook.


The Old and New Testaments are full of instances where God Called people to accomplish His Will at the time. God has issued such a Call to us in ITF, and we have named that Call "Insight To Freedom 2010".


The Call
At 4:00 a.m. on Saturday October 14, 2000, I was awakened by a spirit of fear alleging that I had improperly drawn a legal document for a client. This had been happening frequently for quite some time, but in each case the allegations of this spirit have been proven to be what that spirit is - a lie. Some time ago, I determined to turn the tables on this spirit of fear and use these occasions as a wake up call to get up and study the Bible and pray. I immediately got up and began to study the Word. As I was studying, the Holy Spirit spoke the following to me: " The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar is to be presented to 1,000,000 people during the next 10 years. The Seminar is to be conducted in small group settings, and those being taught will learn of my ways, have ample time to ask questions, and share problems and experiences."

The Vision
As The Holy Spirit was speaking, I had a Vision of countless people walking in the same direction along a very wide highway (from my left to my right). Although they were looking straight ahead as they were walking, these people were not marching - they were walking as one in Christ intent on following the Holy Spirit along this highway. Those of us who had presented the Seminar to them were standing on both sides of the highway encouraging them to continue walking in the Ways of God.
The people in the Vision represented many spiritual generations who had attended the Seminar; that is, some of the people had presented the Seminar to others of the people, and others of those people had presented the Seminar to even others of the people, and so on. In the midst of this Vision, I thought of Isaiah 35:8: And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness. The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it.
The Holy Spirit was very clear that our working together to present the Seminar will not be a laborious task. We are to simply present the truth of God in the Seminar and continually encourage these people to walk in the Ways of God. The Call was not just to the author of this Handbook, but also to everyone whose life has been or will be changed by the Power of the Word taught in this Seminar.

Confirmation of The Call & The Vision
The next morning, Donna and I went to Church and then to Charlottesville for lunch. The weather was perfect, the leaves were almost in their full fall colors, and the trip much enjoyed by us as a respite from a very busy past few weeks. I did not mention to Donna what I had heard and seen. I felt God had more to say on the matter, and I wanted to more completely understand what He had said before sharing this with her.

Several times during the day I sensed the Holy Spirit encouraging me to go into the woods for a time with Him when we arrived home. We returned at dusk and I changed clothes, picked up my Bible and flashlight and went to sit in the woods. I sat overlooking the river with my feet propped up on a dead pine tree. It was the same spot where I stood on the Bible in 1975, and raised my hands to God.
I just felt led to pray, and did so - listening most of the time. As I was listening, the Lord again gave to me the exact same Call and Vision, and I experienced the same peace and comfort as before.
When I returned to the house, Donna asked, "What is going on?" I told her and she immediately said, "That sounds like God to me." That was all of the confirmation I needed to proceed toward fulfilling the Call.


The Videos
Now it is clear why ITF had the Basic Seminar recorded on video 5 years ago. At the time, all I knew was that the Seminar was to be video taped - but I certainly did not know why.
People asked, "Why is ITF spending all of this money on videos (close to $60,000), and you have no plans to use them? My answer was, "All I know is that the Lord has said to do it, and that is all I need to know at this time."

God has blessed this ministry to see many lives changed for the better as a result of the Seminar being presented intermittently to relatively small groups during the past 18 years. If those people whose lives have been changed and those whose lives will be changed by the Seminar will be diligent to present the Seminar in Small Group Meetings via these videos, we can easily accomplish what God has Called us to do.


Other People Presenting the Seminar
The idea of other people presenting the Seminar by video is not new. This has already been taking place in Indianapolis, Rochester, Baltimore, Northern Virginia and other places. Also, the Seminar has been presented by others without use of the videos in many areas including Africa, Russia and Malaysia. What is new is that God has now issued a Call to us to present the Seminar to 1,000,000 in the next ten years. The videos will simply be a resource in fulfilling this Call.

Who Am I to Become A Seminar Leader?
Many who read the Handbook will ask themselves the question, who am I to become a Seminar Leader? Let me answer that question with a story.

Donna and I came out of 12 years of debt on January 31, 1986, and we well remember a conversation between Donna and one of her friends shortly thereafter. Donna said to her friend, "I am sure glad that you ladies were so far ahead of me in the things of God, and could help me like you did for these 12 years." Donna's friend laughed and responded, "Donna, what you don't know is that the three of us were only a day ahead of you in the Lord all the time."

The same is going to be quite often true between Seminar Leaders and Participants. So, do not be intimidated if you experience the desire to be a Seminar Leader while attending your first Seminar.
Consider the Apostles Peter and Paul. Peter, only a matter of days following his denial of Jesus, was leading thousands to Christ; and, in the few seconds it took Paul to fall out of the saddle and hit the ground, he went from "knowing about God" to calling Christ "Lord" - and led thousands to Christ in his lifetime.

The Number of 1,000,000
I believe that the number of 1,000,000 is not an exact figure; rather, it is simply a descriptive term to broaden our minds about what God is Calling us to do. It is like God telling Abraham in Genesis 22:17: That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;....
Therefore, we must remember that the number of 1,000,000 people is not a goal. All of us, together, shall answer God's Call by simply sharing His Word within the structure of the Seminar. Where things go from there numerically is best left to Him.



Establishing a Spiritual Relationship
The greatest privilege we can enjoy is to share the Word of God with someone else. In the process of that sharing, an impartation takes place - the teacher, by teaching, imparts the Spirit of Christ from within himself and into the pupil, and the pupil reciprocates with respect for the teacher. It is in this manner that a spiritual relationship is established between teacher and pupil.


The Role of the Seminar Leader
The Seminar Leader is not just a facilitator of video tape showings and discussions, he is someone whose life has been changed by the Word of God. He is, in effect, a teacher imparting the Spirit of Christ from within himself and into those present at the Seminar Meeting. The video tapes and other materials simply lend discipline to the presentation of the Word of God.

This is why the Seminar Leader is very much encouraged to use his own life experiences and knowledge of the Word of God in the discussion and counseling sessions immediately following the video portion of each Seminar Meeting. It is important that he be able to relate his life experiences to the Ways of God that he has learned on his own as well as from the Seminar. The Seminar Leader must realize that he is Christ's representative on the scene, and the Participants are his pupils looking to him to learn more of Christ.

Diligence Commands Respect
The Seminar Leader must earn the respect of the Participants, and diligence is the key. If the Seminar Leader is diligent in his preparation for the Meetings through prayer, studying the Word, walking in the Word in his everyday life, and becoming very familiar with the material to be presented at each session, the depth of impartation will be great - as will be the respect of the Participant for the Leader. As the Seminar Meetings proceed, a relationship will be established between the Seminar Leader and Participants that will well serve them far beyond the Seminar sessions.

Being an effective Seminar Leader is not a part-time matter. A Seminar Leader needs to have a lifestyle of diligence that commands respect; and, that lifestyle is an outgrowth of our serving Christ as He wills and not for what we can get for serving Him.

Do Not Let Yourself Become Discouraged
Some small group meetings will have only 2 or 3 Participants, and others will have more. Some will start small or large and grow rapidly, only to have several Participants lose interest and stop coming. Some will start small and grow steadily throughout the life of the seminar. And if you determine to lead many Seminars, all of the above and more will happen. Let me share a story that happened to Donna and me.
In 1982 we taught a Seminar in Staunton, Va. It was our first Seminar outside of Richmond. There were about 200 people in attendance, and their response to the Seminar was beyond our greatest expectations. A few months later we taught another Seminar about 20 miles north of Staunton in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and only 14 people came.

On the morning of the first day of that Harrisonburg Seminar, I was sitting at my kitchen table praying. Only 10 people had registered by that morning. I put my head down in my Bible and asked God, "Have I missed you, where did I go wrong, what do I do?" As quickly as I spoke the prayer, God answered, "My Son, I did not raise you up to draw a crowd, I raised you up to teach My Word."

When God spoke those words to me, I would have crawled the 120 miles to Harrisonburg on my bare knees to teach those 10 people. It was well that only 14 people came because with the pain they were suffering, Donna and I could not have taught one more person. It was all we could do to minister to those 14.

Never count the numbers of people present at your Seminar sessions as a sign of success; that is the world's measurement. Jesus taught only 12, and one of those betrayed Him. In teaching those 12, Jesus met the Call of God on His life. Allow the continually changing circumstances of your small group to be a learning experience in your life.

The Seminar Leader as an Encourager
One of the greatest privileges Donna and I have enjoyed over the years is to have people tell us, "This Seminar has given me hope." Implicit in that statement is that those persons now have the faith to move forward in the things of God in the midst of whatever circumstances they are facing. We have certainly learned that it takes only a little time to encourage a person to the point where they have an abundance of hope in their life. You, too, will have the privilege of seeing that hope come alive in those you encourage with the Word of God.

Remember, in the Vision related in the beginning of this Handbook, Seminar Leaders were lined up on the sides of that wide highway encouraging Participants to keep moving forward in their search for God. That encouragement time and effort is not free - it has a price. The price will be our time and effort when most often it will not be convenient for us to give. But that is an ever so small price to produce so much eternal good in others for generations to come.

Raising Up New Seminar Leaders
In that great number of Participants walking forward on the highway are the Seminar Leaders of the future. Each time that a Participant steps into the role of a Seminar Leader, lives will be changed for an eternity - and all of us will enjoy a part in having contributed to that heritage.

Our serving as effective Seminar Leaders will draw each of us into a closer relationship with Christ. In every Seminar that I have taught, I have learned more about God - and much of that learning came from the questions asked by the Participants. Believe me, they will stretch you to the maximum - and that is good. Never be embarrassed to say, "I do not know the answer, but I will find it in the Bible this week." I have given that answer to many people. That response builds credibility and respect.

Meeting this Call of God on Our Lives
We have a Call on our lives to bring the Word taught in the Seminar to a great number of people - only God knows who and where they all are. Certainly, the Call related in this Handbook will not be the only Call of God on our lives, but it is nonetheless a Call of God upon us that we have the responsibility to meet.

Only out of a continual atmosphere of impartation and respect will we raise up new and effective Seminar Leaders who will, in turn, raise up even others to become Seminar Leaders. Remember, the Seminar is only a beginning - it is not an end. The spiritual seeds planted in the small groups need to be fertilized and watered by time, experience, circumstance and the Word; and, as those seeds are so nourished, they will bring forth a full crop in due season.

Then we will have met this Call of God on our lives, and more properly prepared ourselves to do all else that God has for us to do.


The Small Group Meetings shall be conducted as follows:
Materials: The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar Videos and The Insight to Freedom Basic Study Guide are the Basic Instructional Materials to be used by the Seminar Leader in conducting the Seminar. The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar Audio Tapes are sometimes more convenient for the Seminar Leader to use in preparation for conducting the Seminar.


Location: In choosing the location for the Meetings, the Seminar Leader should first ask God why he is a Seminar Leader. The answer to that question may well dictate the location. The Seminar is now being presented at breakfast, lunch, dinner and evenings in homes, restaurants, offices, churches, and at least one is even scheduled to be held in a country club.

In some cases the Seminar Leader may choose his church as the location. If that is his decision, then he should first educate his Pastor as to the content of the Seminar. If the Pastor has any reservations, then do not use that church as the location. Also remember that a church of any given denomination may not be acceptable to a member of another denomination.

Prayer: Each Meeting shall open and close with prayer. It is important that short, simple prayers be offered for the needs of the Participants and their families. As the Meetings proceed into the Seminar, the Seminar Leader is encouraged to have the Participants lead the prayers.

Praise: It is the decision of the Seminar Leader as to whether or not a time of praise is to be held at each Meeting. In any event, a time of praise should compliment, and not dominate, the Meeting. Remember, Charismatics are used to long periods of praise, denominational people are less inclined, and non-church people could well be offended at a sustained period of praise. The Meetings are not "Church," they are a time for presenting the Ways of God set out in the Seminar. God does not judge us by how long we pray or praise, but by what is in our heart. So act accordingly.

Length of the Meetings: The 13 hours of Videos were recorded in 30 minute segments. The presentation of the Seminar will be in 30 or 60 minute video showings as determined at the discretion of the Seminar Leader.

The experience of ITF has been that the video portions of Luncheon Meetings are best done in 30 minute sessions with another 30 minutes for discussions. Evening/ Saturday/Sunday Meetings are best done in 60 minute sessions with a 30 minute discussion period. In any event it is best to, if at all possible, limit the total length of each Meeting to 90 minutes - including the discussion period.
If Participants desire to stay longer, that is acceptable as long as those who want to leave at the end of 90 minutes can do so without: (i) having missed any of the presentation of the Seminar, and (ii) having missed the substance of the discussions to be held during the Meeting.

Weekend Retreats: Some Seminar Leaders may desire to conduct an ITF weekend retreat. As many of you know, this is the setting in which most of the Seminars have been given. Three hours Friday evening, six hours Saturday and three hours on Sunday - or in whatever other time frame the Seminar Leader should determine.

Discussion Period: Following the presentation of the weekly video, the Seminar Leader is to encourage a discussion of the video just shown, and previous videos. The Seminar Leader is encouraged to use his real life experiences during the discussion periods as a witness to what God has done/is doing in his life through what he has learned in the Seminar and otherwise.

Counseling and Follow-up: It is expected that a Seminar Leader will counsel with Participants relative to their personal and business issues. However, the Seminar Leader is not authorized to render specific advice (or otherwise tell the Participant what to do) in any specific area of their lives. Rather, he is only to share with the Participant the Ways of God from the Word of God applicable to the issue - and then let the Participant make his own decision as to what to do in the matter. The Seminar Leader is not to make life decisions for the Participants.

As a Seminar Leader you must remember that you are to bear one anothers burdens, but do not at any time allow yourself to become entangled in the burdens of the Participants. The Holy Spirit will clearly show you the difference in bearing the burdens of another versus becoming entangled in the burdens of another.

Repeating the Seminar: A Seminar Leader may teach the entire Seminar as many times and as often as he determines proper. Provided, however, that presenting the Seminar does not become detrimental to the Seminar Leader's family life and other obligations.

No Admission Charge: There will be no charge to the Participants for attending the Seminar, but the Seminar Leader shall afford to them the opportunity to make donations to ITF. This subject is more fully addressed later in the Section entitled "Donations to Insight To Freedom" in this Handbook.

Sale of Materials: ITF has created, and will continue to create, audio and video tapes, study guides, books, and other Materials to teach people the Ways of God we have learned from our own life experiences. These Materials, and the cost of each, are set forth on the "Weekly Class Report, Donation & Order Form".

The constant feedback from ITF Participants for the past 18 years is testimony that these Materials have been instrumental in changing their lives for the better. The Materials are to be offered for sale by the Seminar Leader to the Participants and any other persons who desire to purchase them. However, the offer of these Materials for sale is to be made only at such times when the Seminar Leader believes that to do so will not quench the flow of the Holy Spirit in the Meeting at the time.

And, at other times, the hunger of the people for the Word of God will be so strong that the Seminar Leader would be remiss not to offer the Materials for sale as food for the Participants. Therefore, the timing of the sale of these Materials is at the discretion of each Seminar Leader.

All Materials shall be paid for at the time of ordering, and shall be delivered to the Seminar Leader by ITF within 5 working days of ITF's receipt of the Weekly Class Report, Donation & Order Form requesting the Materials. This form is further explained in Appendices "A", "B", & "C" of this Handbook.

Donations to Insight To Freedom: There will be no charge to the Participants attending the seminar Meetings. ITF will have considerable expenses in meeting this Call. The finances to pay those expenses will be raised in keeping with Exodus 35:5 (KJV) Take ye from among you an offering unto the LORD: whosoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it, an offering of the LORD...; and, I Corin. 9:11 (NIV) If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you."

Accordingly, with the above scriptures in mind, the Seminar Leaders are to provide to the Participants opportunities to give to ITF. As with the sale of Materials, offerings are not to be taken when to do so would quench the flow of the Holy Spirit, but then again the Holy Spirit may well provide times where it would be wrong for the Seminar Leader to not give the Participants the opportunity to give. The times and frequency of those opportunities are at the discretion of each Seminar Leader.

In making the offer to the Participants to give to ITF, simply draw the Participants' attention to where a receptacle has been placed for that purpose. Then let them know that they can give if they are of a willing heart to do so. All donations to ITF are tax deductible.

The Use of Non-ITF Materials in the Meetings Is Not Permitted: The Call is for us to work together to present the Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar to people in small group settings. ITF has created materials collateral to the Basic Seminar that expand upon and further explain the concepts set forth in the Basic Seminar. So, let us "stick to the Call" and not use non-ITF materials at the Seminar meetings.

No Business Prospecting/Transactions: The purpose of the Meetings is to instruct Participants in the Ways of God. Therefore, under no circumstances are the Meetings ever to be used as a forum to prospect people for business reasons or to otherwise transact business. Nothing will endanger our credibility more than to attract people to the Meetings to learn the Ways of God, and that person be "prospected" for a business transaction at the Meeting. Thank you for respecting the integrity of the Meetings.


While we are talking about relationships, emphasis needs to be made relative to your relationship with your local church. Your activities with ITF are not meant to be in lieu of your responsibilities to your local church, nor is ITF to be your local church.

Rather, ITF is to be a resource to assist you and your local church in meeting its call in your community. It is expected that some people will come to your Seminar that are not believers, and believers will come who are not part of a local church. In either case, you are to act with discretion and attempt to channel those who do not attend a local church into a church which you believe will best serve them.
If your Pastor should have any questions in this regard and you need help in responding to him, call your Local Coordinator and discuss the issue with him.


Purpose The purpose of the following organizational structure is to provide the leadership, encouragement and support necessary to maximize our efforts in presenting the Seminar to others. If we will continually concentrate on how we as Christians are to walk before God, He will always provide every person and need necessary to fulfill the Call.

Everyone, at every level of authority and responsibility, must always remember that we are not in this endeavor for recognition, pride, money or position. Rather, we are servants of God, serving His people to change their lives for better service in the Kingdom of God. If we always remember this, the organizational structure will serve us well and the Call will be met.


Authority & Responsibilities
Insight to Freedom, Inc.: Insight to Freedom, Inc., a Virginia non-profit corporation, with offices at 4510 South Laburnum Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23231, is the ministry organization that has the ultimate authority and responsibility to fulfill the Call. The members of the Board of Directors of ITF pledge themselves to create a spiritual climate in conduct of all of their personal, business and ministry affairs that allows for the free and unfettered movement of the Holy Spirit in the affairs of ITF fulfilling this Call.

State/Regional/National Coordinators: As the years proceed, ITF will need to raise up

State/Regional/National Coordinators.
Each such Coordinator must also have been a Seminar Leader. It will be the responsibility of these Coordinator's to: (i) spend the time and effort necessary to build relationships with the Local Coordinators under his authority; and (ii) assist the Local Coordinators in enabling all Seminar Leaders under their authority to conduct orderly and effective Seminar presentations, and prepare and select new Seminar Leaders.

Local Coordinators: For the first 2 of the 10 years of fulfilling the Call, the Board of Directors of ITF will select and appoint a Local Coordinator over each city/county having small group Seminars. Each Local Coordinator must also be, or have been, a Seminar Leader. The Local Coordinator shall have the responsibility to: (i) spend the time and effort necessary to build relationships with the Seminar Leaders in that city/county; (ii) assist the Seminar Leaders in conducting orderly and effective Seminar presentations, and prepare and select new Seminar Leaders; (iii) promptly respond to the questions of the Seminar Leader; and, (iv) serve as Seminar Leader in the absence of the regular Seminar Leader.

The Seminar Leader: The Seminar Leader is the most critical person in meeting the Call. He is the person who has the ear of the Participants, and relates to them on a person to person basis. His conduct will have a direct influence on the lives of the Participants. The fulfillment of the meeting of the Call lies squarely within his hands.

The Seminar Leader has the responsibility to reach out into his circle of friends and acquaintances and gather into his small group those persons who: (i) have a hunger to learn the Word of God; (ii) desire a distinct change in their lives; and/or (iii) are in adversity, do not know what to do, and are seeking the answer to their dilemma.

The Seminar Leader shall also have the responsibility to: (i) review the Material in the Seminar Leader's Materials Packet prior to conducting a Seminar (otherwise, he will not be as prepared as he should to lead discussions and respond to the questions of the Participants; (ii) conduct the Meetings in an orderly and effective manner, and as required in this Handbook; (iii) spend the time and effort necessary to build relationships with the Participants in his small group; (iv) encourage capable Participants to become Seminar Leaders; and (v) perform the Seminar Leader's administrative duties set out in APPENDIX "B" & "C" of this Handbook.

Any questions that the Seminar Leader has are to be directed to his Local Coordinator. However, inquiries for materials & supplies are to be made directly to the ITF office.



Thank you for reviewing this information. God has a job for us to do, and it is going to take a great many people to fulfill this Call. It excites us at ITF to believe that some of the people who will join us in fulfilling this Call are now committed Christians, while others are not yet born again.

Folks, we are about to take a journey. Those of us already a part of ITF welcome you to walk with us and share in the fulfillment of this Call on all of our lives. And we are all going to have a good time learning to serve each other and becoming closer to God in the process.



When a Participant evidences the desire to become a Seminar Leader, first have him to review this Handbook. If after that review he is still interested in becoming a Seminar Leader, have him to complete "The Seminar Leader's Application Form" and mail it to ITF in the envelope provided. ITF will review the Participant's Application, discuss the Application with his Seminar Leader and then call the Participant for an interview.

Please make the Participant aware that if he becomes a Seminar Leader, the cost to him for his Seminar Leader's Materials Packet will be $135.00. This charge will be payable upon the Seminar Leader being notified in writing from ITF that he has been accepted as a Seminar Leader.

We very much look forward to receiving the Participants' Applications to become Seminar Leaders.


The Seminar Leader's Materials Packet
Each Seminar Leader shall be provided with the following in his Materials Packet:

1. One set of "The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar" Videos.

2. One Copy of "The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar Study Guide".

3. One set of "The Insight to Freedom Basic Seminar" Audio Tapes.

4. Five copies of Tape #1 from the Basic Seminar.

5. Twenty-four copies of the "Weekly Class Report, Donation & Order Form" and self addressed envelopes for the mailing of those Forms.

6. Ten ITF Credit Card Slips to be used for sale of ITF Materials.

7. Five copies of the "Seminar Leader's Application Form" and self - addressed envelopes for the mailing of those Forms.

8. Twenty ITF Brochures.

9. Three copies of The ITF 2010 Handbook.


Explanatory Notes About The Seminar Leader's Materials Packet


1-3. The Materials in 1-3 of the Seminar Leader's Material Packet are explained in the body of this Handbook.

4. The 5 copies of the #1 Tape: The 5 copies of the #1 Tape from the Seminar are enclosed for the Seminar Leader to lend to persons whom the Seminar Leader believes may want to come to the Seminar. Experience has shown this tape to be quite effective in that regard.

5. "Weekly Class Report, Donation & Materials Order Form": The Seminar Leader shall report on this form all information requested thereon, including replenishment of any supplies in items 5-9 of his Materials Packet. This form, donations, and the purchase price for Materials shall be mailed by the Seminar Leader to ITF no later than the day following each Meeting. The Seminar Leader is to mail the top copy to ITF and keep the bottom copy for his records.
All Materials ordered shall be shipped to the Seminar Leader within three days following ITF's receipt of this weekly report.

6. Ten ITF Credit Card Slips to be used for sale of ITF Materials: The Seminar Leader can use these credit card slips for the purchase of Materials by Participants.

7. Five copies of the "Seminar Leader's Application Form" : The use of this form is explained in the body of the Handbook.

8. Twenty ITF Brochures: These brochures are to be used to encourage people to become Participants in the Seminar.

9. Three copies of The ITF 2010 Handbook.


Administrative Details


1. Price of Materials/Sales Taxes: The price of each of the Materials, including sales tax, is stated on the "Weekly Class Report, Donation & Order Form". ITF does not deem the sale of the Materials completed until the Order Form is received by ITF at its Virginia office. ITF shall be responsible to pay all sales taxes.

2. Payment for Materials/Credit Card Slips: All checks for the purchase of Materials for sale shall be made payable to: "Insight to Freedom, Inc.". No person or organization is authorized to have checks or money orders for the purchase of Materials to be made payable to them personally or any other payee. Credit Card charge slips shall be filled out by hand and placed in the envelope with the "Weekly Class Report, Donation & Order Form." An instructions sheet for completing these credit card slips is enclosed in the Packet with the credit card slips.

3. Pictures of the Cross: One Picture of The Cross is to be given to each Participant as a reminder of what he has been taught in the Seminar. However, for a Participant to be entitled to receive a Picture of The Cross, he must have attended the entire Seminar either in person, by video or by audio. There is no charge for the first Picture of The Cross given to a Participant; but if he desires more than one Picture of The Cross, he must pay $15.00 for each such additional Picture.

The Seminar Leader is responsible to order (on the "Weekly Class Report, Donation and Order Form") a sufficient number of the Pictures of the Cross for each Participant to have a copy at the conclusion of the Seminar.


Questions Frequently Asked About The Seminar


Can ladies attend the Seminar? Absolutely, positively and unequivocally "Yes". Ladies should be encouraged to come and bring their husbands, and vice versa. Some of the most dramatic results experienced by those attending the Seminar have been by virtue of the husband and wife attending the Seminar together. There is no way that a husband can go to the Seminar alone and later properly convey what he has learned to his wife.

Can ladies be Seminar Leaders? Yes, for the reasons stated above.

Can Participants begin attending the Seminar if they have already missed several sessions? Yes. Each session is a separate lesson in the Ways of God, and stands on its own as a truth of God.

How often can I present the Seminar? As often as you like provided it does not cause you to disrupt your family life or cause you to fail in previously made commitments.

Is Insight to Freedom a financial Seminar? No, it is a Seminar explaining 12 of the Ways of God. We must remember that finances are never primary, rather, they are subservient to the Ways of God and what he desires to accomplish through us. If we will walk in His Ways, He will provide to us the finances He desires for us to have at any given time.

If a Participant has a question while the video is being played, do I stop the tape to answer his question? Generally, no. Ask the Participant to save his questions for later. However, given where some people are in their lives, and the power of the Word of God hitting them between the eyes, use your discretion. Sometimes a well placed question, followed by a well placed answer, can be a most effective time of teaching - even if the video needs to be delayed.

I need a question answered, who should I call? Your Local Coordinator. If he is not available, call your state coordinator and then the ITF office-in that order.